Media Moments: 1996 Jeep “I Got It”

(DivX, 2.0 meg, 720k)
(Quicktime, 428k)

When: 1996
Where: On television all over the US
Who: Dave & Amy Schiller
Why: Jeep wanted to sell cars.

Just before the 1996 US Open, Jeep started casting a commercial with a Frisbee theme. People travelled to San Diego for auditions. In the end, Dave Schiller and Amy Bekken (now Amy Schiller) were hired for the spot, which was filmed the week of the U.S. Open. Amy gave up a likely overall and freestyle title, and Dave gave up a great shot at the U.S. Open freestyle championship to promote a great image for disc sports. Yes, they are really on those mountains.

5 Replies to “Media Moments: 1996 Jeep “I Got It””

  1. Arthur… there is a problem with the files. i can only hear the sound, i cant see anything.. would you please check it out?

  2. The files work on my iBook. Not sure what is going wrong on your computer.
    I’ll try to create another file with a different format.

  3. There is also a great Snickers frisbee commercial. Did you see that allready?
    Same problem with me, some movies have only sound and i’ve installed the latest codecs.

  4. I haven’t seen the Snickers commercial yet.

    Have you tried the .mov file? Does that work for you? Also, try the .mov file
    on the Schiller clip I posted today.

  5. The mov’s are working fine. There’s still a little problem. When I want to read more comments. Then I get the index page again instead of the comment I clicked. ????
    It’s in Firefox and also Explorer. Now I go to the personal page and click the latest comment link.

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