New Rankings Feature

Well, you might be wondering what’s up with the rankings, seeing as it’s less than two weeks from FPAW. I have posted the July rankings (open, women), which include all reported tournaments through the end of June. I will make a new list for FPAW that includes all tournaments up to US Open.

I wanted to let you know about a new rankings feature, though. When you visit this month’s rankings (open, women), you should be able to sort the rankings any way you want, just by clicking on the column. This should work on all current browsers, but since the sort feature is someone else’s programming I can’t really fix any compatibility issues.

Have fun with it!

2 Replies to “New Rankings Feature”

  1. Hi Arthur,
    is it also possible to extract the Country of each player in a separate Column?
    –> It would be great to sort by Country!

  2. Flo, we think alike! I ALMOST did this but decided to start simply. I will add this column for future lists!

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