Paganello 2006

Yes, it’s time!
From 13 to 17 april 2006, there will be Paganello 2006!!!

On the Rimini beach, more than 1.200 ultimate players (96 teams) and more of 42 freestylers will compete.

A big Village, 5 parties, a big Circus Tent, the mythical "red carpet"…all it will be ready, for you, because we want Paganello will be an entusiastic and magic experience for all.

I’m very happy, this year, because a lot of players will come, from Hungary, Germany, USA, Suisse, Italy… and a lot will have their first Paganello-experience.

But, most importantly, a lot will be at their first-competition-experience: very young players (from 14 to 20 years old), will compete, and they will try the great (and strong) emotion to play with and versus their "idols" : Tom Leitner, example, or Reto Zimmermann, or Clay Collerá…

Well, I’m happy: so big number of players (and probably other freestylers will come, so 42 is only the number "for now"), a lot of new players, a lot of energy:

Paganello will be ready to be your crazy, lovely, funny home, for 5 days!

Have a nice day.


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  1. Grr, why am I still a student.. If my exams werent coming up, I know what plane id by flying on. When im a major scientist and my choice will be between California and Italy, the choice is going to be of utmost difficulty (both sunny, beachy, fun and freestyle) 🙂
    Peel out in Paga 2006 and bring back some crazy videos!

    No jump, no catch!

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