Pre-Show Festivities

Currently the FPA Competition Manual does not define when an Artistic Impression judge should start evaluating a performance. In Rimini, several teams put on lengthy sketches before the first disc skill. How should judges score thematic introductions?

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  1. I disagree…one artistically and one technically 🙂
    Artistically, capturing an audience, however you do it (within certain time constraints), should be rewarded.
    Technically, Did you mean final "attempted" catch?

  2. For me, if a team hasn’t started any discwork, the routine hasn’t started. In
    traditional competitions, we’re there to measure performance of tricks with a
    disc. If a team can combine hard moves with good execution AND good
    presentation, they should be rewarded. Pre-show theatrics have nothing to
    do with the disc work, so I don’t think they should be reflected on my sheet.
    Show me something that integrates your theme into your discwork, and
    there may be a place for it in General Impression, and if you do it well maybe
    some other subcategories. Before the first trick, it doesn’t count on my

    Footbag dealt with this issue a
    while back, from what i understand. People would start their music and wait
    a long time to start their routine. The solution for a few years was a rule
    that the first trick had to happen within a few seconds of the start of the
    music. That seemed to get the sport more focused on technical achievement
    without sacrificing artistic merit. Eventually, they relaxed the time rule when
    it didn’t seem necessary anymore.

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