Rankings: November 2003

As freestyle enters its competitive offseason each fall, there are few changes on the rankings. The higher the player is ranked, the less likely his/her ranking will change late in the year. The big point events are over. For everyone else, there is plenty of time to make a rankings move.

Arranging smaller, spur-of-the-moment local competitions can improve one’s ranking. By gathering with local players regularly, players are guaranteed to have at least the five results that count toward the rankings score. Local competitions are a great way to invite new players to try competing and to experiment with new competition formats, especially for amateur divisions.

While the top ranked players remained locked in their places on the November rankings list, new results from Vagolino, BDFTP2, the TN States and the WI States shifted several players in the top 200 upward.

For Italian players, the loss of 2001’s Capello tournament was offset by the addition of results from this summer’s Vagolino in Milan. Enrico Barsanti and Simone Caliento both jump up more than 10 spots to 54 and 56, respectively. Seba Rodella blasts onto the rankings at 120. Rome’s Carlo Sestieri makes a huge leap from 193 to 121, and Andrea Gallotti rises almost as many notches from 178 to a tie for 112th. Lorenzo Manzoni and Claudia DeLuca both enter the top 100. Lorenzo goes from 108 all the way to 74, and Claudia rises from 115 to 82. Piccio Cusma enters the top 200 by going from 216 to 150. Angelo Rovieri is up 17 places to 109, and Mass Ardagna is up 22 places to a tie for 112th.

Winning the Tennessee States lifts Rik Downs up to 61 from 70, and third place finisher Jeff Soule gains 52 spots from 180T to 128.

The top finishers at BDFTP2 didn’t need the points, since their top five rankings scores are mostly from the FPA Worlds and the World Disc Games. For those who don’t travel the world for tournaments, BDFTP2 was a big rankings help. Carl Dobson re-enters the top 50 after his top 4 finish at BDFTP2. He is up two notches to number 50. Greg Riley jams all the time but doesn’t compete often. Placing fifth helped this former top 50 player rehab his ranking up to 114 this month.

The Women’s rankings list remained virtually unchanged this month.

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