Rankings: November and December 2006

I finally caught up on the world rankings backlog and posted lists for November (Open | Women) and December (Open | Women). Again, I apologize for the delay in compiling these numbers.

No detailed analysis, but I noticed two things. There is a logjam in the #2, 3 and 4 positions. On the November list, Eleonora Imazio moves up to a career-high #2, but former number one Lisa Hunrichs earned some points at Arizona States that allowed her to sneak past Eleonora into #2 on the December list.

On the Open list, FPA Open Pairs champs Matt and Jake Gauthier are finally seeing a rankings payoff for their victory. By winning the Arizona States over a top-caliber field, they solidified their rankings points. Matt moves up to number 5, and Jake moves up to number 9, knocking me down to number 10 (I will have my revenge!) and bumping Dave Schiller out of the Top 10.

As always, there are lots of other stories on the rankings list. Tell some in the comments.