I’m just getting started with freestyle, but I have been just throwing the disc around for awhile, and I am wondering…when I’m just throwin it with my friends we like to skip it but it gets the disc scratched so bad. So do people do that when they are at a freestyle competition or just jamming? Cause i have noticed some competitions are on like tennis courts and stuff.

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  1. Ben,
    Skip throws aren’t that common in competition, but you sometimes see them.
    It’s probably because most of the competitions are on grass or at the beach.
    To skip on turf, the grass has to be pretty short and you have to give the disc
    some extra snap, since the grass will kill the spin more than pavement.
    The WFDF competition this week was held on very short grass. After
    everything was over, Paul Kenny threw a disc in a jam that skipped twice
    before reaching us.

  2. Cool thanks alot, my dad has actually skipped it into a basketball goal once. But is there any kind of movie you would recommend i get like for teaching, I was looking into that "Zen the art of Pro Disc Freestyle", I think thats what its called. Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to bother you with the noob questions.

  3. Ben, skipping in competitions is not very common,as stated in another repley there is a high risk factor depending on grass,angle etc. Look for a video of the FPA Worrlds in Santa Cru,1990,-95. Dan Swanson,Jeff Kruger and my self threw a upsidedown skip in the finals off the grass and was the only sucsessfull attemt to date as far as our records show! If you would like info on the throw I would be happy too show you the skill/tech.

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