2005 WFDF/Masters/Juniors – Coddington/Lewis Win

Results from the WFDF/Masters/Juniors Championships at MiraMar College, San Diego, CA on June 30-July 1, 2005:

Open Pairs Final

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis (71.2 points)
2. Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger (64.7)
3. Joel Rogers/Dave Schiller (59.3)
4. Dave Bailey/Paul Kenny (58.5)
5. Jamie Chantiles/Steve Hanes (52.8)
6. Alan Caplan/Rick Williams (46.2)
7. Bob Morrissey/Greg Riley (44.7)
8. Harvey Brandt/Tony Pellicane (SCR)

A report from Rick LeBeau on the Overall Disc Group:

“Freestyle was held after DDC on both Thursday and Friday. On paper, Miramar College has great grass but unreliable winds for freestyle, compared to Robb Field, where the ocean breeze is usually more steady. This time, though, the winds were perfect for freestyle, and the players took advantage, displaying some great routines. Several freestyle specialists flew in from around the country to play just that event. In a near-flawless display of high difficulty manuevers, Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis put on a great show (with only one drop, the players literally hit the ground more than the disc did). They won a unanimous decision as first place finishers, with Larry Imperiale and Jeff Kruger coming second. Dave Schiller and Joel Rogers pulled out third place.”

Open Pairs Semi A

1. Arthur Coddington/Dave Lewis (72.1 points)
2. Dave Bailey/Paul Kenny (65.1)
3. Jamie Chantiles/Steve Hanes (57.4)
4. Bob Morrissey/Greg Riley (50.7)
5. Jack Cooksey/Christian Sandström (49.2)
6. Tomas Burvall/Randy Wylot (48.5)
7. Lori Daniels/Suzanne Fields (32.4)
8. Jen Griffin/Susie Horn (27.1)

Open Pairs Semi B

1. Joel Rogers/Dave Schiller (70.0)
2. Larry Imperiale/Jeff Kruger (59.6)
3. Harvey Brandt/Tony Pellicane (54.8)
4. Alan Caplan/Rick Williams (51.0)
5. Stacy McCarthy/Bethany Sanchez (46.9)
6. Tom Cole/Conrad Damon (41.9)
7. Wayne Biever/Shane Sobel (36.3)
8. Dean Porter/Brad Wendt (32.5)

Senior Grandmasters Division

1. Tom Gleason/Doug Korns
2. Dan Roddick/Z Weyand
3. Tom Ford/Paul Thompson

Juniors Division
1. Eddy Cohn
2. Woody Wendt
3. Jeff Korns