Thanksgiving 2005

In the U.S., today is Thanksgiving. On this day, we are supposed to reflect on our lives and things we can be thankful for. What are you thankful for?

I’ll start:

I am thankful to have been Dave Lewis’s teammate for thirteen seasons. I can’t imagine a better mentor, coach or teammate. There are too many memorable moments to count.

2 Replies to “Thanksgiving 2005”

  1. lovely, Arthur, your article.
    I think you & Dave are one of "team legend" in freestyle.
    Together had made incredible coop, routines, difficulty exercises that all will remember for ever.
    Your style are…"Arthur & Dave" style: impossible another name.
    You know, I love more another style, more "show-style":
    but I think you & Dave have created the most "sport-style", the best "difficulty-style", the routines that people love to see in silence, to appreciate the perfection of movimenti and choise of times.
    So: I thankful to had the possibility to see your performances.

  2. First of all i would like to say thanks to every single jammer in the world. you have all inspired me very much.
    I want to thank certain people who have really made a difference in my life:
    1. Team Shrednow- Arthur and Dave have been more than just mentors to me. they are the goal of the ability of tricks you want to be able to do.
    2. Dave Schiller and Tommy Leitner- These guys have taught me 70% of all my moves without even knowing it. they were always my two favourite jammers and they are the two jammers everyone dreams of playing with
    3.Rick Sader- For being my partner in Seattle’s FPAW 2005. Rick helped me get to my first semifinals in a world championship and i’m very thankful for it
    4. All the Israeli jammers- for playing with me and helping me get better and better. without you guys the beaches would have been meaningless to me.
    that’s pretty much it.
    have a nice holiday

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