That Dang Disc Won’t Fly Straight

It’s frustrating to play catch and not be able to throw the disc to your friend. It tips over and rolls away. It veers off in random directions. The wind catches it and blows it backwards over your head. Normally fun-loving people find themselves dreading the question “Wanna toss the Frisbee?”

Good news! Most throws can be put on target very easily. Usually one of three things are happening:


For the disc to fly straight, you can’t release it flat. You actually have to tilt it down and sideways. Once it leaves your hand, it will become level and stay that way. If you want the disc to curve, tilt the disc down even more.


A disc flies better when it’s spinning. The more you snap your wrist, the more stable the flight will be. With more spin, the disc can also cut through the wind better. Try snapping your wrist harder. If you want a high-spin, pro freestyle throw, try snapping your wrist like you would snap a towel.

Wrong Equipment

None of that will matter if you play with the wrong equipment. Quality discs are designed to fly well, but most people don’t play with quality discs. They play with corporate giveaway discs, whose weight and aerodynamics are so bad that even a pro will have a conniption trying to get one to fly straight. Corporate giveaway discs are not meant to be thrown. Repeat that with me. Corporate giveaway discs are not meant to be thrown. You wouldn’t play pro baseball with a whiffleball. You can’t play a good game of flying disc with one of these light, round, disc-shaped non-flying objects.

You need some real equipment. Unlike some other sports, a quality disc is economical. In the US (including on Shrednow), you can get a world class disc for around $10. Adults should throw discs between 160 and 175 grams. Kids should throw discs around 140 grams. Make sure the plastic is somewhat soft and the rim is not sharp. Rigid plastic and sharp edges hurt. That’s no fun. Avoid them. Reliable manufacturers are Discraft, Innova-Champion and Wham-O. You take your chances with any others.