The 360

Add a spin for a new level of freestyle skill.

The 360 means you rotate your body one time before catching the disc. Spinning before a catch makes the catch harder, and spins
look great too. The hard part is that your have to look away from the disc before you catch it.

  • Spot. You can get dizzy doing spins. Dancers have discovered that if you spot, you can reduce dizziness. To spot, turn your body but keep looking toward one spot (your friend or the disc)
    for as long as you can. Then, spin your head faster than your body so you are looking at your target again. Your body will catch up and complete the 360. By spending more time
    looking in one direction than spinning, you will get less dizzy.

  • Spin Early. Don’t be afraid to spin very early. The earlier you finish your spin, the sooner you can get ready for the catch. Catches look better when the spins happen at the last minute.
    As you become more comfortable with the 360, you will be able to spin at the last minute.

  • Choose your catch. You may not have much time to prepare for the catch after your 360, so decide on your catch before you spin. Don’t be afraid to change your plan if
    your catch isn’t in your range.

    Training Tip #1: Practice spotting in your home. Look at a picture on your wall and spin.

    Training Tip #2: Use the self-throw to practice the 360. Throw your self-throw a little higher than usual. Spin. Catch.
    Try the two handed catch first. Then the one handed catch. Then try combining a 360 with a Behind The Back or Under The Leg catch.
    If you throw the disc higher, you may even be able to do a 720, which means spinning around twice. This video shows the 360 (100kb):

    Training Tip #3: Next time you play catch with friends, look for opportunities to do a 360. High floating throws are the best.
    You will have more time to complete your spin.