4 Replies to “The Discovery Of Freestyle”

  1. Saw it when I was 17 (a very long time ago). Loved it straight away. Then saw a short segment on the TV news about a year ago. A guy was spinning the disc on his teeth! Totally freaked out. Now I want to do the same.

    Rawiri Walker

  2. I’m big on Ultimate Frisbee, and have been playing it for 3 years.
    I was watching TV, and then a Nike Soccer freestyle ad came on. Interested, i went to the site advertised, ( http://www.nike.com/freestyle ) and to my suprise, one of the freestyle options was frisbee. I clicked the link, and the rest is history.

    The Original Brew.

  3. It was 1983 I was 16 and with some friends at the Seattle center with a disc in hand, when i had a vision. A silver haired frisbee god apeared to me through the croud. He asked to see my disc. Then to my shock he began to delay then leg overs and tips to a behind the back catch.He handed me back the disc, smiled and melted into the croud. approximatly 18 years later i was at Seattle’s Golden gardens when I saw a couple practicing freestyle. I approched and met Brenda. I asked how could I learn to freestyle? She pointed me towards Green lake where the local jamers played nearly every weekend. It took a while to build up enough courage to introduce myself to the green lake crew. That day in May 2001 a jammer was born at age 35.

    Mike Galloupe (Seattle Jammer)

  4. When I saw all the hot babes Keith Armstrong was scoring at Boston University thanks to his jamming at Marsh Chapel, I knew I had to learn Freestyle.

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