Travelling In 2005? Airfares Dropped Dramatically Today

Now is the time to book your tickets, if you can plan that far ahead. Airlines and booking organizations are having some unbelievable sales.

Orbitz is giving away a Blackberry 6710 cellphone/organizer/wireless web thingy ($99 value) when you book anything. The catch? Blackberries need service to work, so you have to get a plan ($29.99/month + $35 activation fee + $9.99 shipping minus $85 rebate – got that?). NOTE: This deal has expired, but try this one for some great Florida (aka Jam With Paul Kenny) fares:

Airlines like Delta, JetBlue and American announced some amazing (foolhearty?) sales today – Delta’s fares are 50% off. You can book through or Orbitz. I saw a Paganello fare from the West Coast to Bologna for less than $700, a cross-country round trip to the Baton Rouge jam (February 5-7) for $314, to Jammers for $285 and a round trip to Seattle for Worlds (July 29-31) of about $200. Dates of events are on the FPA schedule.

If you’ve got the credit or cash, and you know you’re going on the road, think about booking now.