2006 Viareggio Rocky Horror Beach Show!

Viareggio – 23 e 24 September 2006 aka “The Rocky Horror Beach Show”!

At the Burla Beach Cup 2006 , there was a freestyle tournament too.

Viareggio was the last appointment of this summer: and only a few players there were, and I’m sad for this…
Because those who were in Viareggio had a great time, great play, and a special, really special event!

We were in 7 + 1 (+1 is ME!), in Viareggio:
Clay Collerá
Ale Collerá
Fabio Sanna
Eleonora Imazio
Andrea Rimatori
Fabrizio Gori
Gianluca Bertoncelli

Fabrizio and Gianluca are 2 new freestylers we haven’t ever seen before:
Gianluca from Bologna (he will play with Manuel and AlÏ!!!) and Fabrizio from Padova.

They were with their girl-friends, two lovely girls very nice and funny: and we spent all the time together.

With a so little number of players, we can to do the SuperPro, a special tournement created by Clay Collerá, very strong, a mix of Open, Shred and Alone.

Gianluca had an injury to his knee after the 1∞ shred…sigh! But he stayed with us all the tournament, so, for us, was like he participated too…

Fabrizio is a very new player and with emotion he played at his 1∞…carpet. After 2 days of freestyle, at the end of week-end he played a lot better.

The big surprise is Ale: he played very well, with concentration…and he helped an Ultimate team too! After that, he has decided to play Ultimate and try to do some athletic preparation with a team from ForlÏ named 45 Giri. We will see…And Ale won his first prize for the Spirit of the game. He was so happy and emotionated about it!

The title of the tournement was ìThe Rocky Horror Beach Showî…and Clay, Fabio, Eleonora and Ale made a show, the Saturday night, before the crazy night dance…
A fantastic show, with crazy dressed, and black eyes, and great play…
A funny parody about ultimate too, and change of couple, and music, and…
At the end, Ultimate players was CRAZY for them!
And the day after too, a lot of ultimate players came to the Grey carpet to make their congratulation and take information about freestyle, nails, ecc.

We made a crazy party: we danced, and danced, and danced…and around us there were funny people dreesed like Rocky Horror picture Show… sexy, alternative, ahem…extreme.
We had a very great party, oh yesssssssssssssssss!

The organization was very lovely with us:
They stopped ultimate announcements and music for us, and they didn’t want the fee from the freestylers. We had food, water, party free, 2 fantastic gifts for all, and prize in money…

After the finals, all us we ate together around the table of judges: 10 persons, over the freestyle tent, to think about the great feeling and time we had together. A little malinconic time too:
Because was the last tournament of our incredible summer: probably one of the most wonderful summer of our life…

But malinconia is just a fly of a butterfly, for freestylers: because in few minutes there were on the carpet to play, and play and play.

Thanks, Paul Bernier, thanks to his staff, thanks to the players there were in Viareggio, we had another unforgettable tournement.

See you the next year!



1∞ Fabio Sanna
2∞ Clay Collerá
3∞ Andrea Rimatori
4∞ Eleonora Imazio
5∞ Ale Bibi Collerá
6∞ Fabrizio Gori
7∞ Gianluca Bertoncelli

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  1. Lui is completely right! We had an awesome tournament and we had much fun at the party! It was great to see all those Ultimate players going crazy for our show. It was really satisfying :))

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