Andrea & Piccio Win Vagolino Despite Injury

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Piccio Cusmá and Andrea Meola upset the favorites, Clay Collerá and Fabio Sanna, to win the 2006 Vagolino despite an injury to the leg of Piccio in an earlier round. I still haven’t heard the whole story, but it must have been a dramatic performance to overcome what sounds like a painful leg injury.

Milan, Italy
June 10-11, 2006


1. Piccio Cusmá/Andrea Meola (68.402)
2. Clay Collerá/Fabio Sanna (67.9)
3. Matteo Gaddoni/Luca Medri (61.99)
4. Claudio Cigna/Paolo Magni (60.471)
5. Vale Accorsio/Giovanni Coppo (56.033)
6. Manuel Cesari/Andrea Poli (55.779)

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4 Replies to “Andrea & Piccio Win Vagolino Despite Injury”

  1. wonderful, great, emotional…
    I loved this Vagolino, us I loved all Vagolino…
    but probably this was…perfect.
    thanks Piccio, Valentino, Andrea.
    thanks all freestylers: you’re fantastic.
    me too, I wrote something
    something about it.

  2. I’ve just uploaded the finals video on GoogleVideo.
    Here you can find the links.


  3. Excuse me for the bad link. Go here!
    on you can find the links.


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