DiscCast Episode 5: With Gary Auerbach

The fifth Episode of the world’s only Frisbee Freestyle podcast, for May 2006, is finally here. The show is bursting with news, humour, interviews, explanation and much more! Episode 5 boasts two brand new segments; ëDiscCast Interview’ & ëGuess the Jammer’! Guests this month are 11-time World freestyle Champion Arthur Coddington and 1995 World Freestyle Champion Gary Auerbach! See below for full details.

Episode 5 Timeline-

1. Introduction (0:00-1:47)
2. World Freestyle News from the past month (1:48-4:42)
3. FPA News from the past month(4:43-10:26)
4. DiscCast Interview – We talk to 1995 World Freestyle Champion Gary Auerbach about his incredible career and Spinning Bee’s, his Freestyle coaching scheme! (11:06-35:17)
5. ëGuess The Jammer’ – A new competition in which we give 3 clues about a mystery Jammer! Do you know who it is? For a chance to win a fantastic prize and have your name read out on DiscCast (a mighty honour!) send answers to ukdiscstyle@yahoo.co.uk (35:28-37:42)
6. How-To Section – Arthur Coddington gives a step-to-step guide on mastering the Scarecrow catch! (37:49-41:55)
7. Frisbee Fact of the Month!(42:00-43:49)
8. Conclusion (43:50-45:04)

Episode 5 is available through iTunes and Podcast Alley! For more information, head over to ukDiscstyle’s DiscCast Page.

If you have anything to say about the show, e.g. comments, suggestions, ëGuess The Jammer’ entries, requests to be a guest, or even just that you enjoy listening, please e-mail us at ukDiscstyle@yahoo.co.uk !

Alternatively, leave a comment here on shrednow or use our thread on the FPA Forums.

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