Behind The Back Catch

Surprise your friends by nailing the behind the back catch next time you play.

  • Turn your body sideways. If you stand facing your friend, chances are your arm is not long enough to reach around your body for
    a behind the back throw. You need to turn your hip toward the disc. If you want to catch with your right hand, turn your left hip toward the disc.

  • Watch the disc. The disc should never be out of your sight, even when it hits your hand. One of the most common mistakes made by new players is
    turning their head away from the disc. That makes the catch almost impossible – it is now a blind catch. Hold your hand behind your back. Can you
    see your fingers wiggle? If so, you should have no problem watching the disc. If you can’t see your fingers wiggle, don’t worry. The disc is bigger than your fingers.

  • Palm up. The behind the back catch is a palm-up catch.
  • Lift your other arm. If you lift your non-catching arm, you can watch the disc better, and there is less chance of the disc hitting your arm by accident.
  • Choose The Right Throw. The best throw for a Behind The Back catch arrives around waist level. If the disc is too low or too high, wait for a better throw.
    Once you are an expert Behind The Back catcher, you will be able to adjust your position to catch these harder throws. For now, be patient for good catching opportunities.

  • Be patient. Wait until the disc has almost reached you before getting into catching position. It’s hard to chase the disc turned sideways with one arm up and the other arm twisted around your back.

    Training Tip #1: Put your right hand behind your back. Hold the disc in your left hand a few inches over your right hand (reverse this if you are left-handed).
    Drop the disc and try to catch it. Try to get five catches in a row, then switch hands and catch behind the back with your left hand.

    Training Tip #2: Use the self-throw to practice the Behind The Back catch. Throw the disc up. Turn sideways. Catching hand behind your back. Grab. Can you do five in a row? This video shows you how (100kb):

    Training Tip #3: Next time you play catch with friends, look for opportunities to do the catch. You may have to chase the disc down to get into position. It may take a few tries.
    You will notice more chances to try the Behind The Back if you are thinking about the catch.