The Boomerang Throw (Catching Your Own Throw)

Maybe you have seen someone throw a disc high in the air so it flies back to them like a boomerang. Seems impossible, but if you can throw to your friend, you can do a boomerang throw.

Learn This First: Throwing Straight

Find The wind

Boomerang throws work best when the wind blows into your face. Boomerang throws hardly ever work when the wind is to your back. Face the wind.

Throw Out, Not Up

You won’t get much hang time if you throw the disc straight up. In fact, the disc may blow over your head in the wind. Instead, angle the disc upward and throw up and out.

Use An Angled Release

If your disc flies flat out of your hand, it will probably flip over and fall to the ground before you can catch it. Instead, tilt the disc downward from your fingers. By throwing the disc with a little sideways tilt, the disc will have a better chance to fly straight.


You will almost always have to run to your disc. You will almost always have to run forward.
After you throw, run forward and watch where the disc flies. With experience, you will be able
to predict where the disc will land and run there.

Pro Tip

Start with short throws. Once you get used to throwing out and catching short throws, throw harder.
The disc will fly higher and stay aloft longer if you do not overpower it.

Hang Time
The world record for hang time is 16.72 seconds. Five seconds is a great flight. Seven seconds is awesome. More than nine seconds is pro level.