Throw To Yourself: The Self-Throw

If you can throw the disc to yourself, you can practice even when your friends aren’t around to play. Your friends will never
get you the perfect throw every time. By throwing to yourself, you can give yourself the perfect throw every time. Next time
you play with your friend, you will know all sorts of new tricks when that perfect throw flies toward you.

First hold the disc in your right hand, thumb on top of the rim and the rest of your fingers curled under the rim – like you would throw to a friend. See the video to learn how (44kb):

Now hold the disc so the top is facing your belly. Try throwing the disc up about a foot. You don’t have to move your arm,
just flick your wrist a little and let go. Did it fly up? If so, then your timing is on. If it flew left, you let go too early. If it flew right, you let go too late. Try it a few times. If it’s easy, try tilting the disc away from you so it flies out and up. Also, try throwing with
your left hand too. How high can you throw it and still catch in one hand? How much hang-time can you get? This video shows the self-throw (116kb):

Catch your self-throw with a basic catch or any trick catch you can think of. Start with a two-handed catch, then try a
one-handed catch. If that works, move on to some trick catches and spins.

Pro Tip: Make sure the top of the disc is facing your chest. Make sure the disc isn’t sideways. You will be able to learn bigger tricks by avoiding
a sideways throw. This video shows how NOT to do a self-throw (88kb):