3 Replies to “Boasting and Bragging”

  1. I saw a move named EAGLESPOTTER recently that is pretty cool. It is a combo of wipers and neurons and Randi showed me how he does it. Dragging a verticle upside down from the right side of your body towards your back 270 degrees brings you looking forward again with the disc up high in front of you in a neurons position. If the move is done correctly it actually rotates 3 times so it looks like a turnover and a half and goes from low to high as the arm is extended fully down below your waist to above your head and then back again! Mindblower for sure 🙂

    "The Gordie Howe" of Freestyle 😀

  2. I like Randy Silvey’s Eagle Spotter. It’s combines a cool visual
    with some tricky technical content. I think it’s harder for people
    who regularly do Connecting The Neurons. We tend to want to
    flatten the Saturn Ring/Wipers/Proteus portion as it ascends, but
    that’s the opposite of what’s needed. To flatten the upside down
    disc makes the recovery back to right-side-up even harder.

  3. I’ll start. I jammed with Greg Riley today and was very happy
    with two moves: a counter gitis pull take and an against the spin
    clock gitis pull take.

    Greg and I played on an awesome new field that was just
    installed at the park where last fall’s Best Damn Freestyle
    Tournament Period was held. It is a soft artificial turf – dries
    quickly after rain, no dirt on the disc, very even playing surface.

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