Customizing Shrednow

Did you know that you can customize Shrednow? It’s true. Once you Join, you have a lot of control over how Shrednow looks on your computer.

After logging in, go to Preferences. You can choose the language for many of the site commands (not all of them) to English, Italian, German, Bulgarian, Dutch, Japanese, Polish, Slovenian, Spanish or Swedish.

You can also choose the colors of the site by selecting a Theme. There are three color schemes. Sky is a blue theme. Sunrise is a yellow theme. Sunset is an orange theme.

Normally, ten stories will be shown on each page. If you want a different number, type a new number into Maximum Stories.

If you are not interested in certain freestyle subjects or articles by certain authors, you can make them invisible. On the bottom of your Preference page, select any subjects you DO NOT want to see. Those subjects and authors will not be shown when you are logged in.