Coddington/Dobson Win Wintershred 2005

The Scene

Some people might question that such a high percentage of
the tournament entry fee goes to the weather, but no doubt
participants in Sunday’s annual Wintershred event at Ocean
Beach in San Francisco (aka “OB”) will all agree it is well
worth it.

After a week of heavy rain, the weekend saw welcome relief
in gorgeous clear skies and temps that topped 70F (21C).
With the tide receding, OB’s wide flat sands played host to
fifteen jammers who shredded with abandon for hours. Even
the winds cooperated, gently coming down the beach out of
the North in the morning, then slowly shifting during the
afternoon to out of the West — directly onshore — while
gaining strength.

In short, TD Carl “I haven’t played much lately” Dobson
managed to pick a perfect weekend for a big jam fest coupled
with a low-key competition consisting of a single round of
pairs. Great job, Carl!

The Players (in order of appearance)

Mike & Tam Esterbrook — OB regulars and crowd favorites
worked their usual moves along with Mike’s trompe l’oeil

Melissa Trail & Mike “Seattle” Galloupe — Using their
flexibility to create a high-energy routine, Mike showcased
his dramatic aerial catches while Melissa demonstrated why
she remains the Bay Area’s Bad Attitude Queen.

Carl Dobson & Arthur Coddington — A solidly executed
routine that included many double & triple pirouettes, nail
guide moves, extended indy & co-op brush/roll sequences, and
a firm grasp of the gitis catch.

Steve Stotter & Dr. Bob Morrissey — An OB regular with
another out-of-towner — Arizona this time. Hey West Coast
Jammers, is Wintershred going to become another “must” on
the circuit? Could be! Steve’s signature “sticky rolls”
nicely complemented Dr. Bob’s technical moves like his
one-handed turnovers.

Skippy Jammer & Andy Lemann — Skippy and Andy delivered a
routine with an “old school” flavor that was punctuated by
interesting gitis and scarecrow variations.

Doug Korns & Bob Culbertson — Doug pulled through with his
collection of BTL, chair, & gitis pullouts as Bob
demonstrated his unique roll-twirl combinations and
somersault moves.

Scott Weaver & Mark Regalbuti — Another high energy
routine, cleanly executed, featuring intricate extended
brush/roll combinations, flamingo moves, and tommy kicks.


Wintershred 2005
Ocean Beach
San Francisco, CA
March 6, 2005

1. Carl Dobson/Arthur Coddington
2. Scott Weaver/Mark Regalbuti
3. Skippy Jammer/Andy Lemann
4. Steve Stotter/Dr. Bob Morrissey
5. Melissa Trail/Mike Galloupe
6. Doug Korns/Bob Culbertson
7. Mike Esterbrook/Tam Wolfe

Immediately following the final pair, there was a prolonged
massive outbreak of multiple mob-oping that lasted until
late in the afternoon, when the winds reached “hold on to
your hat” velocity.