Dear Santa Claus (Caro Babbo Natale),

Dear Santa Claus,
in this year I had been soooo good & nice!
So, I want (desire) some gifts from you:
1) I deside other videos, in Shrednow. I like old videos, very nice, but I like more see the "artist" that I know well: Murphy, Lewis, Oberhous, Pat Marron, Paul Kenny….and Arthur Coddington, a strange but very good player.
2) I desire (but maybe is impossible for you too, make this gift…) I deside so much see one video about a player that I loved but is 15 years that I havent his notice: his name is Kon, is an English player, a fantastic, incredible player. He won the European Freestyle Championship in 1986 with Clay & Bibo…
He played with another fantastic player: Adrian. The last time I see him, was in 1989 at Essex, at the WFDF.
I dont have notice about him…the best is have notice, the best nr.2 is see one video about Kon…
OK, Santa Claus, thank you. And I promise you that I will every soooo good & nice with freestylers!
Kiss & peace