Profile: UK’s Newest Generation

Timmy “Magic” Broxup
(Timmy’s Shrednow Profile)

We have heard about the freestyle explosion in Italy and Israel, the emergence in Germany, France, Denmark and the Netherlands. Something else is happening. Below the radar, a group of young freestylers from the UK has been on a freestyle mission. With the help of The Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle, they have been studying and practicing and jamming, and they are getting good very quickly. Most importantly, most of them already have nicknames.

If you went to the European Championships, you may have met Timmy “Magic” Broxup or Russell “I don’t have a nickname yet” Scott. You may have met John “Johninho” Coxhead or Joe “The Flow” McCrave on MSN’s Instant Messenger. They are four of the new freestylers from the UK. Most of us have not jammed with them yet.

And in this nucular, high tech age, we don’t have to wait until our travels bring us to the same destination to meet them. They have already filmed videos to introduced themselves through their website,

Meet Ollie “Flash G” Gordon

(Ollie’s Shrednow profile)

Meet John “Johninho” Coxhead

(John’s Shrednow profile)

Meet Joe “The Flow” McCrave

(Joe’s Shrednow profile)