DiscCast Extra: Thoughts From Stork

Hello all,

Happy 2010!

DiscCast Extra welcomes in the new year by bringing you some thoughtful
reflections from freestyle legend Dan ‘Stork’ Roddick. Stork discusses systems
of competitive play and gives his views on the nature of judging, pointing out
some lessons that might be learnt from the way freestyle developed in the 70’s.


There’s lots more from this frisbee guru in our forthcoming DiscCast
Decades episodes.

As usual – you can also access the epsiode and subscribe to DiscCast via iTunes.

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John & Joe

One Reply to “DiscCast Extra: Thoughts From Stork”

  1. Thanks J & J
    Stork is suggesting two major changes :
    #1 we need additional classes of competition
    maybe it’s Freestylers, Jammers and Hein,
    whatever but will have more winners and more positive feedback.
    #2 Ranking system. Rather than trying to remember 8 teams and the 6 catagories (AI) judge break it down to two rounds of four each.

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