Flamingo Catch

The Flamingo is a more difficult version of the Under The Leg catch. Done well, the flamingo is one of the best-looking freestyle catches.

Learn This First: Self-Throw, Self-Set, Under The Leg

Imagine doing an under the leg catch. Instead of catching under your lifted leg, you reach around your planted leg for the catch. This is the Flamingo. You can catch a Flamingo from an incoming throw, a self-throw, a self-set and many other moves.

Before Learning The Catch

Practice balancing on one leg. Balance on your right leg.

Slowly reach down and touch your toe with your right hand. Bend your knee if your muscles are tight. Use your left hand for balance. Extend your left leg to the side or to the back.

Now, try touching your heel. Repeat by balancing on your left leg and reaching with your left hand.

The Catch

To catch the Flamingo, you will stand on one leg and reach around the back of your ankle for the catch. The disc will fly under your lifted leg and into your hand.


  • Move so the disc is flying toward your ankle. Position yourself now. Once you get into Flamingo position, it will be difficult to adjust.
  • Balance on one foot.
  • Reach down and around the outside of your ankle.
  • Rotate toward the disc. Your lifted leg may swing in the direction of the incoming disc.
  • Catch!

Try This

  1. Amplitude. Lift your free leg as high as you can. The Flamingo looks great when the free leg is lifted above your head. If you are flexible and strong, this will come easily. For the rest of us, it will take some stretching and practice.
  2. Both Hands. Learn to catch the Flamingo around both the left and right legs.
  3. Get Air. For extra excitement, try hopping into the air as you catch.
  4. Spin. Can you do a 360 before catching a Flamingo? For a right-handed Flamingo, turn your body clockwise. For a left-handed Flamingo, turn your body counter-clockwise.