The Tip

The Tip is a way to send the disc upward after it is already flying through the air. It is an exciting trick used by casual players and world champions.

Learn This First: Self-Set

To Tip, the player pokes the middle of the disc with his or her finger, sending it flying back up. You can tip from an incoming throw, a self-set or any other flat disc move.

To Tip from a self-set:

  • Do a self-set. Make sure the disc spins fast and flies at least one foot above your head.
  • Hold one finger out. Bend it slightly. Use two fingers if you are using a larger disc, or if you are afraid.

  • Tap the bottom of the disc gently as it comes down toward you. Hit the disc as close to the center as you can.

  • The disc should fly upward a little. From here, you can do another trick or a catch.

Try This

  1. Tipping Higher: Once you learn to tip gently, you can make your tips fly higher by using a little more force. Don’t hit too hard, though – the disc won’t fly much higher, and you could hurt your finger.
  2. Multiple Tips: How many tips can you do in a row? Be on your toes! You may have to chase the disc around.
  3. Get Tricky: Can you do a trick catch after a tip?
  4. Spin: Can you do a 360 after a tip?
  5. Trick Tips: Can you tip with your elbow, knee or toe?
  6. Low Tips: Can you tip the disc after it falls below your eye level?
  7. Restricted Tips: Can you tip under your leg?

Dave Lewis is a world champion and one of the best at tipping. To learn more about tipping, read what Dave says about tipping on