Paganello 2005: Favorini/Leitner Lead Pairs Finals Qualifiers

In the past, the Pairs Semifinals at Paganello were known as the disco round because the competition was held late at night in a disco. The Semifinals may have to be renamed because this year they were held inside a huge circus tent on Rimini’s beach. Playing before a crowd of more than 500, eight teams battled for only six finals positions.

2005 Paganello
Rimini, Italy
March 26, 2005

Top six teams advance to Sunday’s final.

1. Tom Leitner/Edoardo Favorini 72.0 points
2. Matteo Gaddoni/Larry Imperiale 66.0
3. Clay Collera’/Fernando Botrugno 65.1
4. Fabio Sanna/Tommy Gereben 63.7
5. Antonio Cusma’/Andrea Meola 58.7
6. Luca Mazzuccato/Claudio Massaro 54.9
7. Luica Medri/Andrea Dini 52.3
8. Andrea Stazi/Danilo Torzolini 49.9