Paganello 2005: Final Results

The Champions

Pairs: Tom Leitner/Edoardo Favorini
Co-op: Clay Collera/Tom Leitner/Larry Imperiale
Intermediate: Angelo Mancarella

Spirit Of The Game: Tommy Gereben
Newcomer: Tobias Dohner (wins an FPA membership donated by Arthur Coddington)


1. Tom Leitner/Edoardo Favorini 70.5 points
2. Matteo Gaddoni/Larry Imperiale 67.3
3. Fabio Sanna/Tommy Gereben 65.4
4. Clay Collera’/Fernando Botrugno 62.0
5. Luca Mazzuccato/Claudio Massaro 55.8
6. Antonio Cusma’/Andrea Meola 54.0


1. Clay Collera’/Tom Leitner/Larry Imperiale 71.1 points
2. Alessandro Damiano/Fernando Botrugno/Mauro Mercuri 62.8
3. Paolo Magni/Matteo Feller/Edoardo Favorini 57.3
4. Andrea Meola/Antonio Cusma’/Matteo Gaddoni 52.4


1. Angelo Mancarella
2. Carlo Perrone
3. Ramon Galliani
4. Frank Leyeune/Michel Otte

4 Replies to “Paganello 2005: Final Results”

  1. congratulations to all competitors. i hope you had a great time jamming with the best of the best.
    congratulations to all winners and especially to Angelo Mancarella who won the intermidiate championship and Tommy Leitner who won two titles this paganello.
    hope you all had a great time jamming and competing.
    Fabio, be sure to post the videos of the routines as fast as possible:)

  2. I’ve uploaded some pictures.
    I had a great time together with my friend for the first time on the red carpet playing intermediate. I want to thank all freestylers for the support and help. Hopefully see you next year.
    GrtzZz Frank Lejeune AKA FFF.

  3. Are we sure 3rd place for Intermediate finals isn’t a typo? 😉
    Great experience, our first time @ Paganello!

  4. Michel,
    You are correct. It was my mistake when typing the results in. I checked with
    Lui, and she gave me the correct order of finish. I have corrected the results.

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