Playing The Wind: The Left/Right Factor

Does the disc fly over your head on a brushing run? Is your running speed too slow to catch up with your brushes? Using the Left/Right Factor could be the solution.

Learn This First (required): airbrush

Learn This First (recommended): cuff, chest roll

The Left/Right Factor is a way of managing the angle of your disc so it best suits the conditions and moves you want to do. Even if you brush directly into the wind, the rotation of the disc will alter how the disc flies back to you. A clock-spinning disc will start to angle to the left (everything in this article will refer to clock-spinning discs. Reverse the directions for counter-spinning discs). By changing the direction of your brushes, you can manage the angle of the disc.


Sometimes you want a steeply angled disc. If you brush slightly to the right of the wind instead of straight into the wind, the disc should return to you at a steeper angle than when you brushed it. This can be useful in both low winds and high winds. If the wind is light, a steeper disc will be easier to run with. In high winds, keeping the disc to the extreme right of the wind can sometimes prevent the disc from lifting over your head.


To keep the disc flatter, brush to the left of the wind. The disc should return to you at a flatter angle than when you brushed it. In strong winds, brushing left can help keep the disc low and in front of you. In high winds, this can backfire as the disc has more time to lift over your head.

Defense vs. Offense

Using the Left/Right Factor to defend against wind conditions and keep your disc within reach is one approach. Once you are comfortable brushing left and right of the wind, you can use brush direction offensively too. Do you have a catch that is easier if the disc is steeply angled? Brush to the right of the wind to set up your catch. Do you need a flat, slow moving disc to do a big pull or catch? Brush to the left of the wind for the angle you want.

Changing The Angle

One way to use the Left/Right Factor is to start your brushing run in the correct direction. Sometimes, in the middle of a brushing run, you are caught going the wrong direction. You can use the Left/Right Factor anyway. By cuffing, you can change the disc to your desired angle, then brush in the direction you want to go. By scooping, you can change a flat disc to an angled disc.

Rolling Left/Right

The Left/Right Factor is not limited to brushing. It works for body rolls and throws too. Plan your roll direction to give someone the best possible pass. Plan your throw angle and direction for interesting flight paths or to steer your throw through difficult conditions.

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  1. I like to think of counter/clock not in terms so much of reversing the image as you state but to think in terms of mirror imaging. Counter moves are the mirror of identical clock moves. If you watch a video through a mirror you will see the effect. This includes all factors, footwork, positioning etc

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