Sick Moves: Supernova

Fabio sent me a video, innocently asking what I thought. He’s a sneaky bastard! He should have put a warning on the video: WARNING: MIGHT CAUSE HEART ATTACK. This move is about as cutting as the edge gets.

Double spinning barrel catches are hard. I’ve done a few myself, even though the catch currently labeled barrel doesn’t use the hand position of a pure barrel. It’s still hard. Double spinning barrel gitis? Harder. Dave Lewis somehow got consistent at them. I might have done one in my life.

Double spinning barrel gitis pull? I can’t say I’ve seen one. No, I’m sure I haven’t because if I had, it would have stopped me in my tracks. Now take that one step further. Double (thanks Jeff for the correction, “just” a single spin. I’m getting senile) spinning against the spin barrel gitis pull. That’s what Fabio does in this video, then he bails to a simple double spinning barrel gitis to close the combo. Way to play it safe!

I’ve never seen this move. Fabio would love to know if an other freestyler has ever done it. He would like to name it Supernova – and the double spinning barrel gitis pull would be a Nova. A lot of freestyle happened while I wasn’t looking, so if you’ve seen this move, let us know. I can imagine less than five freestylers in history who would be in a position to even think about doing this move. It’s that sick!

Here’s a bonus photo of Fabio doing one of those easy double spinning barrel gitis catches during his 2005 visit to the SF Bay Area:

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  1. Well yeah, it gives you a cool feeling when you pull the disc out!
    By the way, I got to know from Arthur that Jeff did the Nova version, Matt did the Supernova and Pat Carrasco could do it triple! …so, THAT is amazing… I’m still studying to close the double spinning one…
    I’d love to see some Carrasco’s footage now! 😀


  2. Fabio makes it look easy and it ain’t easy. I like the fact that his version is so
    smooth. The catch by itself is very difficult, but doing a pull is that much
    harder, and adding to that making it "against the spin" makes the diff even that
    much higher. That’s an interesting set with the heavy angle. Very cool.

  3. I’m glad you like the move. Yes, the angle was very close to vertical because there was no wind and that made the move harder as the momentum was very fast. Yesterday I almost pulled out a double of it because the wind was stronger and I could set the disc closer to flat position. I can’t wait to try this move on a windy beach. I’ll have to study the set again, but it will be much fun. I believe this is a sort of move that can become almost "AUTOMATIC" after a while of practice. Right now I can pull it off VERY rarely. And you are right on the diff: I think it’s a bit harder than a double spinning barrel gitis,but it’s just a supposition, I
    still have to fully develop the Supernova.
    Fly high…


  4. I’ve found it difficult to get the set to be automatic because the timing of the
    disc in the air seems to vary depending on the wind. The catch/or pull is very
    close to the body so there isn’t much room for error. You can sometimes set
    it too close to you, or too far away. I’ve found I get into trouble when I set
    the disc too low. If I set it high I have to make sure I leap high enough.
    Occasionally I’ll leap too high. The hardest thing about the move is that since
    it’a a barrel you’re leaping into the air way early and you’re completely
    committed when you come around to catch the disc. You really can’t make
    any adjustments after you’ve leaped into the air. I think keys to the move are
    a great set and complete focus.

  5. I totally agree on that Dave, but I think that learning the set for one spin only is a lot easier, and that’s why I set the disc pretty close. So I don’t have to wait or run for the disc, I almost "put" the disc on that same zone everytime and I jump over it. Anyway, only time practicing on it will give me the answer.
    For example, the one barrel flamingo pull: I know it’s always there, because it’s flat, but I’m not sure of the Supernova yet because it has angle on it….hmmm I love these kind of moves that make me think. It’s like solving a puzzle. Lovely.


  6. You stumbled on a key to the double barrel gitis that I really only discovered
    about about 9 months ago after trying to perfect the move for several years.
    Thinking of it as jumping over the disc allows your set to be flat even with no
    wind. I think it increases the completion percentage by jumping over the disc
    or at least thinking of it that way. That was the piece to the puzzle that I was
    missing to increase my catching percentage.
    I think what can make the barrel look even better hanging in the air in the
    gitis position as long as possible. Jumping slighlty early, jumping very high
    and holding the gitis position . Of course this is even more difficult. But
    make sure you release the gitis position before you hit the ground. I messed
    this up while warming up for the Co-op finals at Worlds in Berlin and threw
    my back out 10 minutes before we went on. I set the disc too low and tried
    to hang in the air and didn’t release the position before I hit the ground. I
    stayed in the gitis position through the landing. A painfull mistake.

  7. I still don’t know how to do that. But you’re right, jumping higher gives you more time to go back to a "landing" position.I’m not a real jumper but I will try because I also feel a lot of pressure to knee my landing-leg-joints level… I would like to learn to tumble on the ground as you do sometimes. I think it’s safer and it looks terrific. The hand usually helps me out a lot…but for the pull the hand must be lifted immediately (or even not used), and that gives even more pressure to my back and landing leg.
    Oh by the way. After training it for about 40 mins my bottom was stiff and I recovered after only 2 days. That means it is a movement in landing I usually did not do. Probably the hand support is missing.
    About the set. I remember you explained me the set for it in FPAW ’04 I think. But you do it clock with right hand spinning counter. I do it counter with right spinning counter. I believe yours is harder!
    Double barrel gitis is so hard, but it gives you such a good feeling doing it! You feel like flying…


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