Video: 1998 FPAW Co-op Champions Demo

Many people have asked about this performance. It became a tradition when Seattle hosted the FPA Worlds to have the champions do a demo performance at the end of the competition. In 1998, Dave Murphy, Dave Lewis and I won the co-op title by a hair over Randy Silvey, Larry Imperiale and Bill Wright so we were invited to do the demo.

I was especially happy about it because I didn’t feel we put our best performance down in the finals. It was quiet, without the amplitude and fire from our practices. The demo was an opportunity to go for it, to show the kind of runthroughs we did when it was just Dave, Dave and Arthur practicing in Santa Monica.

1998 was the year Dave Murphy swept the open titles, also winning Pairs with Ted Oberhaus in a legendary performance that won Routine of the Decade. Maybe it was Murf coming down after a weekend of impeccable play. Maybe it was a fluke, but in between a lot of incredible moves, Murf missed several of his money moves, to the point where it became comical.

One of the reasons people have asked about this routine is a move I did. Yes, this is “the routine where Arthur does the quad crow.” But really, there are a lot of other moments in this five minutes, from Murf’s clean standing gitis pull to his indig take off my flamingo skid to Dave’s double spinning utl pull on a second disc to his double spinning gitis off Murf’s brush set and a rare aerial bad attitude. Sometimes, you have to look away from the main action to see the biggest moves.

I hope you enjoy this video.

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  1. Oh my…
    beautiful routine, great use of coreography and hot stuff going on. Crazy quad Arthur…I’m without words.
    Magic on the field.


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