The Self-Set

The self-set is another way of throwing the disc.
You can do spins and trick catches with the self-set,
and you can also use it to learn more advanced tricks like tips and delays.

Self-Set In Italiano

First, hold the disc with your fingertips. The self-set works best when you hold the disc at eye level:

Now, rotate the disc so one hand is in front of your face. Practice twisting back and forth.

Start from the twisted position. Push the disc up as you untwist. The disc should spin and fly straight upward.

What if the disc flies off at an angle?

If the disc flies sideways, slow your untwisting motion down and make sure you are pushing the disc straight up.

If the disc flies at an angle, make sure the disc is flat when you let go. Let go with both hands at the same time.

The Next Step

Learn to spin the disc faster when you self-set. Learn to self-set both clockwise and counter-clockwise.