Brag: 5’s

They are pretty scarce, those 5-spinning moves, but they happen. What 5-spinning moves have you hit? Just how dizzy were you afterward? What 5-spinning moves have you seen?

2 Replies to “Brag: 5’s”

  1. Let’s get the shameless 5-bragging started. This weekend I hit a 5-spinning
    crow at Frazier Park in Santa Monica while jamming with Dave Lewis and Pat
    More stories from others, please…

  2. In Long Beach NY…just minutes from NYC by train…are
    the "don’t be yella" fellows in the summer. Pizza Beer
    women boardwalk and hard pack…Rob Fried, Bill
    Dubalier, Quin, DougEE, Jim Dodelson, Jonathon
    Willett was in town back in 88 or 90. I had drank alot
    with doobs in the sun and started peeling to sober up- I
    remeber spinning into oblivion and hitting a quintuple
    aerial flamingo- and becoming dizzy after the spins
    even thought they counter-acted the original weekness
    from alcohol in HOT SUN 🙂

    “The Gordie Howe” of Freestyle 😀

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