Brag: 6’s and Beyond

Okay, I know. Moves beyond five spins are rare, but if you’ve done one, get credit for it. Tell the story. If you’ve seen one, give that 6-spinning player her due.

2 Replies to “Brag: 6’s and Beyond”

  1. I’ll start. Until this weekend I don’t think I had caught a 6-spinning catch.
    Last week I had a 6-spinning BTB in my hand while playing with Greg Riley,
    but it bounced out. This weekend I tried again and got the BTB. Witnesses:
    Dave Lewis and Pat Marron. Making it more satisfying was that my next move
    was a 5-spinning crow.
    More bragging from others, please. I distinctly recall Murf telling me about
    some beyond 6-spinning catches he had hit.

  2. For sixes and beyond….be at SuperHein July 23rd.
    There I will challenge the spinGods- faster spinner I
    saw was Murf back in ’88 at ChipperBros Santa
    Barbara Worlds…never had seen him-and there he is
    doing 4 5 6 – who knows? like a blur with hair 🙂

    “The Gordie Howe” of Freestyle 😀

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